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Hiking in Antoetra

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«The region of Antoetra offers you the unprecedented visit of the legendary villages Zafimaniry»

Antoetra known being the capital of zafimaniry is located 40 km from Ambositra. A beautiful, unprecedented walk in the Zafimaniry villages will be done early in the morning.

Zafimaniry villages is an isolated region of Madagascar near the city of Ambositra. Inhabited by one of the 18 ethnic groups of Madagascar, this region is characterized by the atypical architectural style of its villages, its crafts, as well as by the particularity of the Zafimaniry culture. During the discovery of the small authentic village Zafimaniry, we will have the opportunity to visit the craft objects: tables, chairs, decorative objects of all kinds, … But also the legendary typical house Zafimaniry is a real work of arts carved wood. Along the way we will be enlivened by the observation of the historical review and the beauty of the Malagasy nature on the South side. Indeed, on the road we will see Zafimaniry tombs with Tsangambato (raised stone) and Tatao (steles) as a reminder of the ancestor’s family existence to their descendants, plants like Kalanchoe, Aloes , orchids. The locals are also very friendly, with a little luck, they can offer you a glass of “Toaka Gasy”, the Malagasy rhum, we have to drink it with a lot of moderation because the rhum is famous for being very strong.

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Arcadia Travel


Day 1

Antananarivo – Antsirabe

Voyage MadagascarDeparture to Antsirabe, the health resort of Madagascar. Crossing of the typical landscapes of the highlands strewed with rice fields and traditional houses.
Visit of a forge and the manufacturing of the “Gasy” Candy at Ambatolampy.
Free afternoon
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2

Antsirabe – Antoetra – Sakaivo

Voyage Madagascar
Discovering of the volcanic Lake Andraikiba and Tritriva.
Then departure to Antoetra, a small Zafimaniry village classified as world heritage by UNESCO.
Lunch and visit of the marquetery workshop before arriving at Antoetra in the afternoon.
Overnight at the local population

Day 3


Voyage Madagascar
Early in the morning, departure to Ifasina (02 hours walking), a small Zafimaniry village more authentic than Antoetra. Visit and observation of art objects: tables, chairs, all kind of decorative objects, visit of the typical Zafimaniry houses true wooden carved works of art.
During the trip, you will have the opportunity to observe the Zafimaniry tomb with steles in remembering of the existence of ancestors’s family to their descendants, plants as kalanchoe, aloes,orchids …
Overnight at the local community

You will be able to observe the Zafimaniry grave with lifted stones and steles as a reminder of the existence of a family ancestors to their descendants, plantes like the Kalanchoe, Aloes and Orchids… Homestay Diner and Night.

Day 4

Sakaivo – Fianarantsoa

Voyage Madagascar
Morning free. Departure to Fianarantsoa after lunch. Still in Malagasy highlands: landscape of terraced rice paddies and typical highlands traditional houses.
Overnight at the hotel

Day 5

Fianarantsoa – Ranohira

Voyage Madagascar
City Tours at Fianarantsoa: the upper city classified as “world heritage by UNESCO”. Driving to Ambalavao, visit of the “Anteimoro Paper” manufacturing workshop.
Crossing to Anjà Park, the ecotourist park managed by local population, to look for the famous “lemur catta” or Maki, plants as the pachypodum …
Departure to Ranohira in the afternoon,
Overnight at the hotel

Visite du parc à la recherche du fameux lémurien « lémur catta » ou Maki, des plantes comme le pachypodum… Dans l’après-midi, départ pour Ranohira en passant par la porte du Sud et le plateau d’Ihorombe. Dîner et nuit à l’hôtel.

Day 6

Parc national d’Isalo

Voyage Madagascar
Visit of the Isalo National Park: canyon of makis and waterfall of nymphs
Lunch picnic.
Visit of black and blue natural swimming pools of the park and swimming
Overnight at the hotel

Day 7

Ranohira – Tulear – Ifaty

Morning free.
Driving to Tulear after lunch. Admiration of Mahafaly decorated tombs along the way.
Overnight at the hotel

Day 8


Voyage Madagascar
Overnight at the hotel

Day 9

Ifaty – Tulear

Voyage Madagascar
Morning free.
Transfer to Tulear after lunch. Visit of Mihary village and city tours (Shell Market, Marine museum …)
Overnight at the hotel

Day 10

Tuléar – Antananarivo

Voyage Madagascar
Transfer to Tulear airport and flight to Antananarivo.
According to the flight schedule, discover of the Capital and its neighborhood: the Upper city, the Craft Market…

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